Certificate Programs

Advanced Figure Painting – 25.5 credits

Advanced Figure Painting – 25.5 credits 2017-08-07T15:14:50+00:00

Advanced Figure Painting incorporates line, values, gesture, body type and proportion, and also a convincing sense of reality – anatomy, weight, and flesh.

Students are required to paint in oil 2 successful nude figures in full color palette (they will be painting at least 6 figures during the year).

By the conclusion of Advanced Figure Painting you will be able to:
  • use of all the skills thus far achieved to produce a life-like image in a believable environment (coordination figure-background)
  • demonstrate good understanding of color values
  • demonstrate good understanding of drawing with paint and anatomy
  • Students who complete all the required exercises receive a Certificate of Proficiency in Painting at the End of Year Awards Ceremony, and are considered graduates of our program. After completing the Painting program, students may continue in an optional year of specialization to realize more ambitious projects, like a large scale and or multi-figured work

Still Life and Portraiture – 22.5 credits

Still Life and Portraiture – 22.5 credits 2017-08-07T15:15:53+00:00

Simple still lifes represent the student’s first opportunity to confront composition, to control the light source, and to create a meaningful expression.

Objects must be chosen in a variety of textures and materials, beginning with three objects and moving to complex compositions. Moving from cast to the still life, the student must overcome difficulties in producing a balanced composition, with regard both to light, dark and color.

A successful portrait encompasses all of the requirements of a figure painting, and in addition must show the character of the sitter and a perfect likeness. At the time students begin their first still life in oil, they also begin the portrait in charcoal. They are required to produce three portraits in charcoal before progressing to the portrait in oil. Third year students are required to produce a portrait with hands as their final graduation piece. Here the greater complexity of the subject allows students to deal with the psychology of the sitter and/or placing of the sitter in a specific setting or costume. The third year, students explore composition (line, rhythm, color, etc), themes and expression of an idea.

By the conclusion of Advanced Painting the student will be able to:

  • set up a satisfactory composition of the portrait in its space
  • reproduce the likeness and character of the sitter
  • demonstrate sound painting technique