Ecorché Sculpture

Ecorché Sculpture Class is the advanced portion of our 2 year course in artistic anatomy, “The Living Form”. The course consists of constructing a 3 dimensional model of the human skeleton in oil-based clay on a wire armature, then adding muscles individually onto one side of the skeleton. The end result is a 75 cm, 3d anatomical model of the human body which displays simultaneously the boney structures of the skeleton and the muscular forms which lie over them in life. The skeleton is constructed using Dr. Paul Richer’s scientific canon of proportion. The practice of ecorché sculpture fosters an intimate understanding of the spatial relationships between the three dimensional structures of the human body. Students are encouraged to use this understanding to begin constructing figures from their imagination in their sketch books or in clay. The process of constructing the human body from knowledge and imagination will help students to tap into the visual memory they are developing through drawing, painting, and sculpting from life on a daily basis. The Ecorché Sculpture course is entered by invitation only. The prerequisites for entry are attendance at a full year of artistic anatomy lectures at the Florence Academy (or a comparable program), proficiency at ecorchè drawing, significant experience in life drawing or sculpting from life, and an understanding of the application of “memory shapes” or “shape conclusions”. Therefore the course is generally open only to advanced students (2nd year and above). First year students will be considered on an individual basis if they have previous experience. There is a modest course fee (separate from school tuition) for the entire year which includes instruction, use of studio space, use of the armature and clay, use of reference materials and occasional model fees (cost is subject to change). There are 15 spaces available in the course offered yearly. Students will be invited at the end of their first year based on their completion of the prerequisites. If spaces are available, they may still be filled during the first trimester of the academic year.



Alicia Ponzio
Former director of Anatomy and Ecorché
Ecorché sculpture
Modelling wax
H75 cm

For a preview of this summer’s course in Ecorché Sculpture, click here.

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