Per Olav Olsen

Born in 1980, Trondheim Norway. Per Olav Olsen works as a painter in his own studio In Verdal, Norway, and teaches regularly workshops in painting and drawing. Olsen works mainly on  portrait commissions, along with his personal work. Searching for the story in each subject, he uses intuition and a natural ability to sense his subject’s character to represent it. For Olsen, interacting with and getting to know his subject is integral to portraying the individual. Each subject will “tell” how it wants to be painted. Composition, design and techniques are his tools that allow him to capture a solid representation. Olsen has participated in group exhibitions in Florence, Gothenburg and Los Angeles. His work is represented by Galerie Michael, Beverly Hills, CA.

See more of Per Olav’s work in the Alumni Gallery and at perolavolsenartist.

Portrait of Frida
Oil on canvas
100 x 70 cm


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