Robert Bodem

Robert Bodem is a graduate cum laude in Sculpture from Boston University (1995), where he also received his MA in 1998. In that same year Robert was recipient of the prestigious Albert S. and Ester B. Kahn Award for his talent in figurative sculpture. During his undergraduate studies, he worked as an assistant to the sculptor, Dimitri Hadzi. He later spent a year as a sculpture student at The Florence Academy of Art (1995-96), to return in 1998 to found and direct the Academy’s Sculpture Program. Robert is originator of the concept, “Drawing in Space,” his unique approach to sculpture, and author of the manual by the same name that he shares with his students in the program. Robert exhibits primarily in The U.S. and select shows in Europe.

For a selection of pages from ‘Drawing in Space’, the basic sculpture manual by Robert Bodem, click here

To read Robert’s thoughts on art education, click here

See more of Robert’s work in the Alumni Gallery and at www.robertbodem.com

La Marionetta
Life size


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