Simona Dolci

Simona Dolci was assistant professor at the Department of Architecture at the University of Florence from 1976 to 1980. She also taught geometrical drawing, perspective and history of visual arts in Florence. After her encounter with painter Nerina Simi, Dolci left architecture to dedicate herself totally to painting, studying with Simi from 1984-1987, and at Studio Cecil-Graves from 1988-91. Dolci considers “correct and useful in our time to study the ancient techniques of drawing and painting, as they are the essential tools to find an artistic language still able to convey beauty and emotions to our contemporary world.” Since completing her training, she has worked privately in Florence, concentrating on figurative work and portraiture. She has been featured in numerous group exhibitions, and her paintings are in private collections in Italy, France, England, US and Mexico.

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See more of Simona’s work in the Alumni Gallery and at www.simonadolci.com

Oil on canvas
115 x 93 cm
(46 x 37 in.)


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