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Daniel Graves, Founder and Director
Susan Tintori, Executive Director
Andreas Birath, Academic Director, Sweden
Jordan Sokol, Academic Director, US
Rosemary Galli, Registrar & Summer Director, Florence
Suzy Fiddy, Finance and Administrative Manager, Florence
Michael DeVore, Administrative Manager, Sweden
Genevieve Outwater, Office Manager, US
Sara Rinaldi, Administrative Assistant, Florence
Lorenzo Sbisà, Model Coordinator, Florence

Board of Trustees

The Florence Academy of Art is a branch of the International Academy of Fine Art and has been recognized to be a tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States.


David Spencer, Chairperson
Daniel Graves, President
David Thompson, Treasurer
Christine Emmons, Secretary
Susan Tintori, Executive Director
George C. White, Founding Chairperson

Tarra Bandet
Robert Emmons
Anki Eriksson Graves
Jamen Graves
Laura Grenning
Gregory Hedberg
Margaret Hedberg
Richard J. Massey
Jennifer Nash Kochevar
Elizabeth Slaught
Pamela Thompson
Betsy White
Nelson White

Council of Advisors

Princess Giorgiana Corsini, President
Leonard Kestenbaum, Vice President

Stephen Doherty
Charles Kingsley
Gretchen Kingsley
Jorgen Lindeskov
Sean Mcardle
Lloyd Nick
Dennis Power
Frank Savage
Lolita Savage
Maurizio Seracini
Steven Tatti
Leanne Tintori Wells
Peter Trippi
Alexandra York