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Financial Aid

Financial Aid

The Florence Academy of Art is committed to helping talented students in financial need. Scholarship funding and work study opportunities are made available to second and third year students in Florence, Mölndal and Jersey City to help them complete the full three year program.

Financial aid is awarded after one year of study; during this time, students are judged on financial need, level of a dedication to their studies, overall performance, attitude in the studio, and willingness to contribute to the Florence Academy community in a positive way.

The Florence Academy of Art’s branch in Mölndal is officially recognized by the Swedish National Board of Education and has been approved for CSN. Through CSN, Swedish students may receive study assistance from the Swedish state to fund their studies at The Florence Academy of Art in Sweden. Students from Norway and Finland may use this recognition to apply for funding from their respective countries.

The study assistance is of type B1, which means the same conditions as for college or university studies.


CSN (Sweden) –
Lånekassen (Norway) –
Statens Uddannelsesstøtte (Denmark) –
Kela (Finland) –

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