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Students who apply to The Florence Academy of Art have an intense desire for this specific training. They seek the language of Velasquez, Rembrandt, Titian, and the tools to convey their ideas with confidence through the oil or clay mediums. A common visual aesthetic draws them to the classical world (and its renaissance in Florence) to build an artistic vocabulary where beauty and ideas are intrinsic to art.

There are currently 100 students enrolled in the Florence program, 26 students in Mölndal, and 24 in the U.S., from 35 different countries. Beginning students are encouraged to observe and learn from the work of the more advanced who, in turn, can have the opportunity to work as student teachers.


  • Beginning, intermediate and advanced students draw, paint or sculpt from the model 3-6 hours per day, five days per week
  • Poses range from one hour pencil drawings emphasizing line, to long poses lasting three hours per day for four or five weeks to obtain a fully finished, accurate drawing, painting or sculpture, and 10 weeks for a life size sculpture
  • Students in Advanced Painting work from the portrait model a minimum of six hours per week
  • All students attend additional life drawing classes in the evening.


Entry to The Florence Academy of Art is based on a review of five reproductions of recent drawings, paintings or sculpture. The faculty makes its selections based on the applicant’s interest in figurative realism, whether he attempts to draw, paint or sculpt from life, and whether he shows some raw talent.

Students with prior training in academic drawing may be allowed to enter at an intermediate level. The student’s level upon entry (beginning or intermediate) is determined by the faculty from the five images of recent work upon application.

Entry to our program is competitive, although we manage to eventually find places for most applicants. For those applicants who are not immediately invited to join the program, they may be put on the wait list.

Some applicants have said they hesitated to apply to The Florence Academy of Art because “my work is not as good as the work by your students on your site.” Our mission is to train you to achieve those same skills, and possibly surpass them, by providing you a curriculum, teaching method and studio environment based on the soundest principles of realistic tradition, and an intellectually stimulating community fostered by the students, teachers and staff at The Florence Academy of Art.