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FAA Sweden

In 2007, The Florence Academy of Art expanded its community by opening a campus in Mölndal, Sweden. This small, picturesque town is just 10 minutes outside of Gothenburg and is home to a museum of local decorative arts, a theater, and numerous professionals working in art-related fields. Its proximity to Gothenburg allows students access to all the conveniences and extracurricular activities of a major university town.

The Florence Academy of Art is located on the top floor of a renovated paper mill. Custom-designed skylights provide natural north light to the 5500-square foot space. The Swedish campus is an exact replica of the original academy in Florence related to teaching methodology, standards for graduation, and the physical setup of the studio. Academic Director, Andreas Birath, and his instructors are graduates of the program and therefore trained in the philosophy and methodology guiding the Florence studio. As a result, students may transfer seamlessly into the same level among Florence, Mölndal, or New York Metro without experiencing any difference in the curriculum or instructional language, or they may spend a trimester of study as an exchange student at a different location.

Like our school in the New York Metro area, in Sweden, students of all levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) work together under one roof, allowing beginners to see and learn from the challenges and progress of students farther along in the program. In addition, all of the instructors work in studios on school premises, allowing students to benefit not only from daily instruction and critique but also from watching the professional artist at work. This relationship, developed over many hours spent together in the studio, is significant to the general atmosphere of the school and is considered fundamental to the student’s development.

To learn more about our studio in Mölndal, visit our website, www.florenceacademyofart.se